How Shrimp Are Enjoyed around the World

How Shrimp Are Enjoyed around the World

All across the world, shrimp are a versatile and nutritious ingredient that can be added to a variety of meals. In some countries, shrimp are an important aspect of traditional recipes that originate in that area. Learn more about how shrimp are utilized in classic meals that originated in Mexico, China, Spain, India and the United States from Biloxi Shrimp Co.

Traditional Shrimp Dishes

Shrimp can be used for a multitude of recipes that originate from countries all across the world. Some countries that utilize shrimp in their traditional meals include:

United States of America

Shrimp were popularized in the United States during the year 1917 with the development of quicker shrimp harvesting technology. This made it easier to catch and ship shrimp across the United States, making them easily accessible to households across the country. With this delicacy’s booming popularity, classic recipes like shrimp cocktails and more were created.

But before this newfound popularity, shrimp were exclusive to the Louisiana area. This is where classic New Orleans Creole and Cajun-style foods were developed. This also inspired delicious recipes like shrimp and grits, gumbo, po-boys and more.


Shrimp are utilized in a variety of recipes that originate in Mexico. They can be a great addition to any traditional Mexican foods such as enchiladas, tacos and more. Mexico also uses shrimp to create recipes like caldo de camarón, a traditional Mexican soup that uses shrimp, vegetables and broth made with chilies. Additional shrimp recipes that are unique to Mexico also include aguachile, Arroz con Camarones and more.


Shrimp have been a staple in Chinese culture since the earliest of times. In 1280, Marco Polo discovered the nutritious and healthy benefits of shrimp through his travels to China. Here, he learned just how popular shrimp were in Chinese recipes. Shrimp continue to be a large influence throughout Chinese culture due to its versatile nature. Shrimp can be utilized in a variety of shrimp stir fry recipes, shrimp fried rice recipes and more, making them the preferred protein in a multitude of traditional Chinese dishes.


India is another country that utilizes shrimp in its traditional and cultural recipes. One delicious dish that originated in this area includes shrimp curry, a flavorful, stew-like meal made with creamy curry sauce, rice and shrimp. This dish can be made with coconut to add some texture and flavor, or you can spice up the curry sauce to give it a flamingly delicious touch.


If you are familiar with the culture in Spain, then you probably already know about one of their most popular dishes, paella. Paella is a meal prepared with rice, saffron, vegetables and your choice of protein. Most traditional paella recipes use shrimp to complete the flavor, making shrimp an iconic ingredient in Spanish culture. Another classic and delicious recipe from Spain includes gambas al ajillo, a Spanish garlic shrimp dish that’s not only delicious but also incredibly flavorful.

Try Our Classic Recipes

At Biloxi Shrimp Co., we dedicate ourselves to providing delicious tasting shrimp cooked to perfection. That’s why we have a list of incredibly tasty recipes so you can spice up any meal no matter the occasion. Take a look at our takes on traditional recipes, including:

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