Small Medium and Large Shrimp

The warm waters of the Gulf and South Atlantic allow shrimp to thrive in ways that farm-raised shrimp cannot. With no genetic modifications, our selection of small, medium, and extra-large shrimp have a distinguishably natural sweetness and satisfyingly firm texture. Biloxi Shrimp Co. provides affordable and quick solutions for your next family dinner. Learn more about the wild-caught shrimp we offer and how you can prepare them in your kitchen.

About Our Gulf Shrimp

Our customers can choose from a variety of sizes, our shrimp come in 2-pound bags and are (QIF) quick individually frozen. These bags are easy to store at home, so you can take them out and cook them up whenever you need them. The number of shrimp that comes in each bag may vary per pound.

Purchase Wild-Caught Gulf Shrimp at Biloxi Shrimp Co.

Shipping to any location in the continental United States, our shrimp are sure to show up at your door packed with care. As soon as customers place their order, it typically arrives within two business days. For more information about our wild-caught shrimp, contact us at Biloxi Shrimp Co. today.

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