The “Most Stressful Time of Year” Made Easy With Biloxi Shrimp And All The Trimmings

The “Most Stressful Time of Year” Made Easy With Biloxi Shrimp And All The Trimmings

The holidays are upon us, and we are here to help take a few things off your plate. Preparing to host in-laws, cousins, younger siblings, younger siblings’ boyfriends and girlfriends, babies, cats, teenagers… yes it can be a lot. Preparing a shopping list for all the different preferences and dietary restrictions can be even more.

At Biloxi Shrimp Co. we have taken the stress out of the most wonderful time of year by providing fresh, wild-caught, Gulf shrimp, delivered right to your door for your parties and gifts. This isn’t a sales hook, this is our promise…(plus, we don’t use hooks, we use nets!) With a multitude of bundle packages available, we can feed your crowd big or small. From the Super Colossal U-12 for Uncle Dan who takes bulking season literally, to the extra small 61/90 count for cousin Sally who loves making gumbo and shrimp salads to ‘stick to her diet through the holidays.’ We've got you covered.

We know that adding our wild-caught Gulf shrimp will be a welcome addition to your holiday spread, but we want to make sure that you have all your bases covered past the tastebuds. After all, what is a holiday spread if it’s not picture-worthy?

First, while you are here on our site, head over to our SHOP PAGE to purchase the FOCAL POINT OF YOUR TABLE -- Gulf shrimp that will keep family coming back for years to come. You may just just buy our shrimp for yourself as a celebratory ‘I made it through the holidays’ meal post-family departure. We don’t judge, we just shrimp. ;) 

Next, visit our Christmas party list on Amazon by clicking HERE to get everything you might need to make your holiday spread beautiful and functional. And don't forget, shrimp also make a great corporate or family gift! Click HERE to purchase a gift certificate for a loved one or co-worker. 

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