​Don’t Skimp on Little Shrimp: They’re So Good! And Perfect for Easy Cheesy Shrimp Bread!

​Don’t Skimp on Little Shrimp: They’re So Good! And Perfect for Easy Cheesy Shrimp Bread!

Little shrimp taste so good and are so tender! And they're so great for our popular Easy Cheesy Shrimp Bread recipe.

Here at Biloxi Shrimp Co., we offer all kinds of shrimp of all different sizes, from colossal to extra small. However, it’s those extra small shrimp— the little guys— that most people seem to forget about when it comes to their meals. We often have the mindset that “bigger is better,” but sometimes the smaller shrimp do the job better than the big boys.

Pound for pound they cost less as well! Take for example our Extra Small (61-90 shrimp per pound) peeled and deveined shrimp. They are $8.50 per pound (or $17.00 per 2 lb. bag) compared to the larger sizes of peeled and deveined which range from $11.25 -$13.50 per pound.

Case and point: Easy Cheesy Shrimp Bread!

This has proved to be one of our most popular recipes, and we completely understand why. Who doesn’t love the delicious taste of wild-caught Gulf shrimp baked on top of mouthwatering cheesy bread?

While this dish can be prepared with shrimp of any size, we would recommend our extra small shrimp as perfect for the recipe. Why? We’re happy to clarify.

By going with our extra small shrimp, you can fit even more tasty shrimp on your cheesy bread, making sure that you get a taste of the savory goodness of our shrimp with every bite, and that doesn’t even cover the flavor! The smaller the shrimp, the better each piece will combine with additional ingredients in a dish!

What most people don’t know is that smaller shrimp are actually more tender and are thus slightly sweeter to the taste than their bigger brothers. This pairs perfectly with the peppers and onions in our Easy Cheesy Shrimp Bread recipe, making for a slightly spicy, sweet and savory meal perfect for any party!

They also cook quicker, can be used in anything from pasta to gumbo to shrimp salads and are overall just as appetizing and adaptable as any other size of shrimp!

So, the next time you plan on ordering scrumptious Gulf shrimp from Biloxi Shrimp Co., give our extra small shrimp a try and surprise yourself with what you can make with them!

Check our our Easy Cheesy Shrimp Bread Recipe!

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