Biloxi Shrimp Season is Year-Round!

Biloxi Shrimp Season is Year-Round!

At Biloxi Shrimp Co., we have customers reach out to us from time to time with questions, and one of the most common ones that we receive is, “Are your shrimp in season?”

Because of this frequent inquiry, we thought we’d tackle it head-on by answering once and for all: yes, our shrimp are in season, and that’s because Biloxi shrimp are always in season!

Let us explain.

For those in the know about shrimp, a typical “shrimp season” — or, the times of the year when enough standard market-sized shrimp are populating inside waters (closer to the shore) — occurs within a specific timeframe based on the type of shrimp. For example, brown shrimp can generally be found in inside waters around May to July because that’s the time of year when they migrate to that area for warmth.

However, at Biloxi Shrimp Co., our facilities run 11 months a year with one month set aside for maintenance. Outside of the inshore waters, there are always shrimp available in federally regulated outside waters (farther from the shore) of the Gulf of Mexico, where shrimping occurs year-round with the exception of Texas which closed from May 15-July 15. These waters are home to the same Gulf shrimp we know and love, but are open to shrimpers year-round, all while remaining aware of the population and giving them the time to repopulate for future shrimpers.

This allows us to always catch a consistent harvest of delicious Gulf shrimp to be shipped out to you any time of year, anywhere in the country! Additionally, we have the capacity to scale up when the catch is abundant in our state-of-the-art processing and deep freezing facilities. In our industry, frozen means fresh because we are immediately locking in that freshness before it has a chance to age.

So, the next time you order mouthwatering shrimp from Biloxi Shrimp Co. — whether you’re soaking up the summer or huddling up for the winter — rest assured that there are always plenty of shrimp to go around!

See the shrimp seasonality chart that we use, below:

Hungry for shrimp? If you’ve been thinking of ordering shrimp from us, now is the perfect time!

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