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Top 5 Side Dishes That Pair Perfectly with Shrimp

Top 5 Side Dishes That Pair Perfectly with Shrimp

Picture this: you’re craving seafood, and your latest shipment of fresh, wild-caught Gulf shrimp from Biloxi Shrimp Co. has just arrived, only, something feels missing. You have to figure out which side dish will complete this perfect meal. Luckily, wild-caught Gulf shrimp from Biloxi Shrimp Co. pair perfectly with a variety of side dishes!

1. Coleslaw

Creamy and cool, coleslaw is a perfect for any time of year. It also makes a delicious side for fried or grilled shrimp with a tangy flavor and pleasing crunch. For a classic recipe, combine shredded cabbage and carrots with mayonnaise, lemon juice, sugar, and salt. Looking to save time? Most grocery stores carry pre-shredded coleslaw mix to minimize prep. For a twist, mix up your recipe with purple or Napa cabbage, shredded apples, spicy diced peppers, or a dressing made with Mirin, soy sauce, and ginger.

2. Polenta

The Italian cousin of Southern grits, polenta is similarly made with cornmeal. This side dish is quick and easy to prepare. All you’ll need to do is boil some water, whisk in cornmeal, and allow the mixture to thicken. Finish the polenta with parmesan cheese to make a delicious side for grilled or sauteed shrimp. If you have leftovers, spread the polenta over a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and refrigerate. The next day, you can slice it into sticks and bake for a new take on fries, also perfect with shrimp.

3. French Fries

If you love fried shrimp, there’s nothing better than a heaping pile of crisp, crunchy French fries fresh from the fryer. Prep work is the hardest part of making homemade fries, as you’ll need to slice potatoes into thin, even strips and fry them in small batches to keep the oil hot. For those seeking a low-fat alternative, try baking French fries in the oven. And, of course, you can always go with store-bought fries. Spice up your fries with a little chili powder or opt for sweet potatoes to emphasize the sweetness of Gulf shrimp.

4. Fresh Vegetables

We don’t just love shrimp for their incredible flavor, they're also an excellent source of lean protein, loaded with vitamins and minerals, and low in calories. Whether you’re hoping to eat a little healthier or just love the flavor of fresh vegetables, they make a wonderful side for your favorite shrimp dishes ranging from scampi to stir-fry. Steaming vegetables is a great way to preserve their flavor and texture without adding fat or calories. Simply top them with a squeeze of lemon juice and some salt and pepper and serve with your shrimp.

5. Rice Pilaf

Rice is extremely versatile, and many side dishes that include it are easy to prepare. They can also make an elegant choice for dinner parties and holidays while proving simple enough for weeknight dinners. Rice pilaf is cooked in stock or white wine and includes sauteed onions, celery, and spices for a mild, yet flavorful taste that pairs perfectly with shrimp. Adding sliced mushrooms, pine nuts, peas, currants, other dried fruit, or diced carrots can add color and interest to complement whatever shrimp dish you’re preparing. No rice? Try making pilaf with couscous, quinoa, or orzo.

Build Your Menu Around Gulf Shrimp

Our wild-caught, all-natural Gulf shrimp are so delicious that you might forget all about side dishes. But if you’re preparing a menu for your next get-together or family meal, these side dishes for shrimp are sure to satisfy. To learn more about cooking with shrimp, check out a few of our favorite shrimp recipes, and be sure to order some shrimp for yourself today!