Make This Year's Thanksgiving a Shrimpsgiving!

Make This Year's Thanksgiving a Shrimpsgiving!

At Biloxi Shrimp Co. we couldn’t be more grateful for a variety of reasons: a year of great business, surviving Hurricane Ida, and so much more. However, this year we are most thankful for you — our loyal customers who have made our first year of business so successful and gratifying. Your response has been amazing, and we could not have predicted the positive outpouring of support and appreciation you have given us since we first launched.

Around here, the Biloxi Shrimp Co. family always finds a way to include shrimp as part of our big day, so much so that for us it’s not just Turkey Day: it’s Shrimp Day! So, as our thanks to you, we thought we would share a few ideas for adding shrimp to your Thanksgiving this year to help you feel even more like an official member of the Biloxi Shrimp Co. family. If you didn’t happen to have stocked your freezer with some of our shrimp ahead of time, you can always plan for some future holiday meals. From soup to appetizers to Cajun Style Shrimp Stuffing/Dressing -- (a Southern favorite) -- to a plate of freshly boiled shrimp, there are so many ways to include shrimp!

We found this vintage image that reminded us of so many happy Thanksgivings, ones where we’ve all gathered around the table to celebrate with family, friends and a bountiful harvest of shrimp. It’s easy to imagine that this group was thankful for their blessings around platters of delicious shrimp. Note the traditional “Gulf Coast linens” – the disposable brown paper table covering (newspaper is also a good option). Guests just peel and eat their shrimp, putting the shells on the paper, which can then be rolled up and thrown way, shrimp shells and all, after the meal is over. Truly a time to be thankful.

We hope you enjoy the recipes below or any of the ones in our Recipes section!

We want to sincerely wish everyone in America a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope that everyone gets to connect with family and friends and enjoy a happy, safe and delicious meal together.

If you happen to be in the Biloxi area, you can purchase our shrimp anytime at Quality Poultry & Seafood! For anyone who has ordered or is planning to order from us, the cut-off to order shrimp in time for Thanksgiving will be Monday, November 22nd at 12 noon CST! Wishing you and yours a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

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